Time To Shine

by I Decline

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I Decline's 3rd full-length album release on Compact Disc. Physical album purchase available at i-decline.com Includes 12 songs, special limited-edition Gold Foil logo, lyrics, plus exclusive bonus Live Recording of the song "The Administration", performed live at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, on January 1, 2011 only with CD purchase.

Mixed by Tadpole of Groovemaster Studio (Disturbed, Plain White T’s, Adelitas Way), Horns Raised Records is proud to present I Decline’s third full-length Time To Shine. Touching upon mortality, desolation, and broken relationships, Time To Shine is a metaphor to the aftermath of 9/11 and the personal struggles we face as humans in this chaotic world. A bombastic onslaught of fist in the air anthems for a blue-collar society, I Decline searches for new hope with Time To Shine.

Track Listing:

01 Time To Shine
02 The Administration
03 Radiation Day
04 A New Nation
05 Grand Ruin
06 Karma
07 Your Name in Blood
08 Face Of Death
09 Her Darkness
10 World Burning Down
11 Jericho
12 Rejoice, Lament


released August 2, 2011

Release Date: August 2nd, 2011
Label: Horns Raised Records
Produced by: John Doyle and Dan Dominiak
Engineered by: John Doyle
Mixed by: Tadpole
Mastered by: Trevor Sadler
John "Dole" Doyle: Drums, Programming
Dustin Harnish: Vocals
Patrick McLaughlin: Bass, Vocals
Michael "Pez" Pesavento: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Dominiak: Lead Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


I Decline Chicago, Illinois

The words “I Decline” represent a middle finger to the mediocrity in the world of modern hard rock & metal music. Fusing this creed with the attitude of Punk, riff-laden hooks of Classic and Stoner Rock, and the fury of Heavy Metal, I Decline crafts its own hybrid of hard-edged music that they define as the “New Wave of American Punk Metal”.

“fucking MASSIVE” - Bornagainnihilist.blogspot.com
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Track Name: Time To Shine
The number nine.
Gave me a chance.
I Reach inside.
And change the world.

Now is the time for me to shine
(now is the time, now is the time)
As you wither in the darkness

Time to shine

His open eyes.
Destroy my hate.
Now I can love.
All that I have

Break from the pack
Run to the light
Track Name: The Administration
And this is what you can expect from them.
A whole lot of nothing at all.
No taxation without mass inflation.
Divided we stand united we fall

No we can't

Thank the Administration
(There's flood and fire in the land of the wicked!)
Thank the Administration For a nation bled of its cause
Thank the Administration
(I wanna fight so I punch my ticket tonight)
Thank the Administration For a nation bled of its cause

We rock the vote like we're dead this time.
Take what we earn, add fear.
Seems like forever, in this fucked up bread line.
Enjoy the next four years

No we can't
Track Name: Radiation Day
One day when our eyes are blackened.
And we’re glowing eerie shades of green.
Shadows burnt into the concrete.
Like some omnipresent memory

Advancing into the mountains.
They ran away with our lives.
A journey to the west.
A place where dreams are kept.
We used to build it all but now we watch it fall.
We used to build it all!!!!!!

One day when we finally wake up.
From our world of make-believe.
Falling fast for the final breakup.
Burning bodies fall into the sea.

To build a nation true.
We bleed, fight and get screwed.
Divided nations rise.
United in disguise.
We used to build it all but now we watch it fall.
We used to build it all.

Walk through a valley of death.
To reach our last monument.
We used to build it all.
But now we watch it fall.

We cannot take this anymore.
All of the lies they say to bring us back to war.
Our enemies are really not that far away.
We need to set it straight or just expect a radiation day.
Track Name: A New Nation
It's so hard to understand.
I can’t understand.
I take a pill to lend a hand.
Again and again.

I need a light. I’ve gotta go.
I wanna intervention for my soul. Come on, Come On.
Intervention for my soul.

It’s so hard to make it end.
It don’t ever end.
It keeps reeling in my head.
Again and again.

I’m a new nation for lost souls.

When I'm on my own my blood turns to stone.
And I'm thinking about where I ought to be.
Take your sympathy. Take your apathy.
I don’t care.

Now we watch it fall.

And I’m not living but I’m breathing yeah.
And I’m not living but I’m breathing yeah.
Track Name: Grand Ruin
All that’s sacred, all is gone.
Time can’t remake this, time takes too long.

Until it sleeps no more forever, forever.

All these zombies, all shades of grey.
Naked bodies, state of decay.

I’m trying hard to see, but this world keeps bleeding me.

They raise their hands, above their head.
They sing for praise, cause their spirits fade.

All my brothers and all my sisters, all my lonely friends
Yellow pictures, bring back some visions,
that time has now worn thin.
They took it all away.

I’m trying hard to see forever.
Track Name: Karma
When I threw that stone it came back, hit me in the face.
Crown myself a king till karma put me in my place.

This karma shot me in the back,
I’m falling down my luck’s gone black,
Storm clouds have gathered around me, now I see.

Ringing in my ears I’m living, in a world confused.
Looking back imagine all the bullets that I’ve used.

In the end, now I see.

It’s gonna get me, it’s gonna bring me down.
It won’t upset me, I know what’s coming round.
Track Name: Your Name In Blood
Time after time.
Captured in lies.
Spit right in my face.
But now I’m seeing straight.

Your name in blood…

Hide in your disguise.
I’m wounded but alive.
It’s time to cut you loose.
But all I want is a piece of you.

Goodbye my love.
You’ve made your choice.
Now this knife will be my voice.

Your name in blood…

The wisdom of my youth.
Turns the lies to truths.
Set you on your way.
Send my gift with hate.

Coursing through my veins.
I’m not like the others.
All I see is red.
Etched upon your face.
Crimson eyes won’t hypnotize me.
When I see your name in blood.
Track Name: Face Of Death
I got a call
Then saw its face
Standing in the street
I knew you were gone

If it was up to me I’d make it so you were alive
If it was up to me I would make it so you never died

I got a call
Tall figure in black
Standing in the street
I miss you
Track Name: Her Darkness
She wore a darkness
She wore it well,
But it became a shroud as she fell.

She sips champagne and mingles with high society people
She loves her cocaine she thinks that nothing’s ever gonna beat her.
And you know its 'bout to end

It was a darkness, it came from hell
(I could reach inside her, light the fire, devour her)
A cloak of darkness, it cast a spell
(I could reach inside her, light the fire, devour her)

And you know its 'bout to end
Track Name: World Burning Down
Strike you down, I just can’t believe
Your soul’s left vacant, a seed of a memory.
Heart of stone, keep yourself together,
Through storms and violent weather, you’re on your own.

Now there’s not a sound,
Cause your world keeps burning down.
Keep what’s left on the ground,
Cause your world keeps burning, your world keeps burning down.

Hit the ground, you have been deceived,
Your voice has been stolen, but you got what you need.
A subtle knife, digging very deep,
Your scars are very clever, they stay out of sight.

It’s all come undone, hallelujah!
The time to shine has come, hallelujah!
Track Name: Jericho
Don't be afraid now, I'm leaving
Cast my soul to hell
Walk on down to Jericho
And we'll knock down the walls ourselves
You have a fear of the devil
But I have the answers to all
Hand in hand we help each other stand
Singin' 'til judgement day

Let me go.
Carry me home
Let me go.

I know the time's ain't been easy
I'm only a man, I get lost
Find my bones and dust them off
Finally, you've brought me home

A Slave no more to the kingdom
His soul is worn let it rest
Trumpet blasts couldn't bring it back
The city of cities is found

Let me go.
Carry me home
Let me go.
Track Name: Rejoice, Lament
Take a little sip of destruction,
Take a walk away from the truth.
Waiting on a note of induction,
Wait till you hang from a noose.
This is not the last time.

Listen to the sound of rejection,
Burn you with the blade of the sun
Spoken with a lack of perfection,
Fool us with the trick of your tongue
This is not the last time

Ohh, rejoice, lament, then fade away

Givin' out gifts that were broken,
Speaking with a stone in your throat
Livin’ with the lies that were spoken,
Spit in the face of hope
Forty lashes from your tongue,
Light the matches ‘cause now we’re done

Ohh, rejoice, lament, then fade away